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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Great Clay Mention in Toni Tenille's Blog

Most of you know that Toni Tenille, who is half of The Captain and Tenille, was at the tribute for Neil Sedaka this past weekend. They sang Love Will Keep Us Together, a big hit of theirs from the 70's. In Toni's blog, called "Toni's Take" , which is an awesome blog by the way, she has some really great comments to say about Clay. Here's what she had to say:

Now.... for all of you “Claymates” out there who might happen to read this..... I never saw Clay Aiken backstage. He wasn’t there for the finale, THAT’S WHEN THE MUSIC TAKES ME, and he didn’t attend the afterparty. In fact, I never saw him at all!!! He drifted in and out of the proceedings like a ghost... almost like he was “beamed” in and out of the theatre. Becky and I sneaked out into the stage right balcony to hear him sing SOLITAIRE, and he sang the heck out of it! And I got such a kick out of the screams of excitement when he appeared on stage, and when he held that four-measure, fortissimo note (“Sol-i-TAIRE!!!!!”) in the middle of the song..... the audience went bananas just like all the young girls who screamed for Sinatra and the Beatles! His fans, who appear to be mostly female, absolutely adore him. What a phenomenon. I’m so out of it, I had no idea how huge he is.
Toni linked Clay's name to the "Wikipedia" article about him, and she linked the sentence about his "four-measure, fortissimo note" to a YouTube video of him singing Solitaire. The same has been done in the above paragraph, so you can take those links to read about Clay in Wikipedia and listen once again to Solitaire from the tribute.

Be sure to take the link to her blog and read more of what she has to say. About Neil Sedaka she said:
I was so happy to see Neil again. He was bouncing around the studio like a man half his age... or LESS! Neil is all about the music... it is the true love of his life and his reason for being. The minute he starts to play the piano or sing, he lights up like a Christmas tree! And his voice is as sweet and true as it ever was.
It is so nice to see someone who is such a great talent and has been around for so long to say such nice things as "what a phenomenon" and "he sang the heck out of it" about Clay. Toni definitely knows a great singer when she hears him!


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