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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jaymes Interview on WRAL FM Duke Radiothon Today

Today WRAL FM held a radiothon for Duke University Medical Center. Part of the radiothon was to discuss stories about the hospital. Linda Loveland announced that they would play a pretaped interview from Jaymes giving her account of Parker's surgery and her praise for Duke.

Here's a recap from Clayscience21 at the CB:

Jaymes' account:

At 4 weeks, Parker started becoming very, very ill, culminating in vomiting. It became clear to them he wasn't getting nourishment. Doctor told them to go to Durham regional where they spent 8 hours in the emergency room with Parker. Durham suggest Duke Children's since Durham did not have pediatric ward. Jaymes mentioned that Clay was aware of Duke's reputation as a local resident but Jaymes was also aware of Duke even growing up elsewhere since it has a national reputation. The condition was diagnosed as pyloric stenosis, common in children. It's a muscle at the bottom of the baby's stomach that overgrows and obstructs the passage of food to the intestines. Doctors said surgery was urgent and needed to occur within 24 hours. It was terrifying for Jaymes and Clay. The thought of Parker under anesthesia was scary. Parker was in the hospital for 4 days and 4 nights. It was shocking to be in that situation. But doctors and nurses at Duke were calming and comforting. Parker was doing great now and just celebrated his six months birthday. The surgery was an instant fix with a fast recovery and with Parker able to take a bottle right away. He's very happy and healthy now.

Lynda followed up the taped interview with her comments about being in contact with Clay and Jaymes about this and that Parker was the cutest, happiest little kid.

The male DJ suggested that Claymates listening could donate online if they were interested.

You can download the interview by clicking on the link below:

Jaymes Interview On WRAL


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