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Friday, September 19, 2008

Clay's Second Opening Night at Spamalot a Huge Success

Once again, Clay has shown just what an all around talented performer he is. His second opening night in Spamalot was perfection, according to several fans from The Clayboard who posted their experiences at the musical there.

For those of us who could not be at the opening night, here is the next best thing. Read on to see just what a wonderful night it was from the fans who were there. This is fairly long, but you'll love every second you're reading it! We will list the fan's screen name and the comments they have about their New York adventure:


Good Morning from New York!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I am here already!! Waiting for my shuttle at the airport but wanted to pop in and tell y'all the brochures for Spamalot that are in all the stands at the airport now have the pic of Clay and other's in Spam coming out of the holy grail cup... like the pop up advertisement pic that was posted yesterday. He is front and center and a weeee bit larger than the others.

In Red above it...the print is : Now with International Superstar and then bigger in yellow CLAY AIKEN!!!

WOO HOO!! I love him!! and I love NY and Spamalot!! They treat him well!
I was sitting outside at Juniors in Nyc and at 1:30 Clay wearing a dark blue north carolina hoddie walked by with Jermone! He looked great! My brain didnt process it in time to take a picture! Just wanted to let everyone know!
Claymates gave huge ovations to everyone!!! Orchestra and Mezz is full...cannot see balcony... Flirting with all the girls on stage....... Tremendous cheers when he sang "Idol of my age"........ huge cheers for "Spam...wonderful Spam..." Showing a lot of love to everyone.... Lady Of The Lake has great voice but does not have command of the stage or "tracts of land" that Hannah had....

Jerome is standing at the side of the audience. Doesn't know why. He is so cute!!!! Lots of new chorus girls.... Sideburns are quite a bit shorter.... so cute!! Held chicken up cute... Huge cheer for Hula. Slo Motion horse action was jerky and great...... He was really really cute. Puckered his lips a couple of times.

Not showing any nervousness at all. Moving very well.... Did not screw up any lines.......

When cymbal went off during "Quail" scene.......he got up on this knees and said "Stop that"!!! He is wonderful.....great..... Hasn't missed a beat.......
From BFS on CV cellcert:
King is more animated than Jonathan Hadary was. Beautiful voice. Clay is making more faces than before....more animated. Tower scene was terrific and amazing. So much better.

King is funnier and much more into it. Lady of the Lake is stunning...awsomely beautiful...and sings beautifully. We can hate her from afar!!! LOL

Sir Robin giving the King some funny "what is wrong with you" type things. Did not kick the French Taunter's castle door as he did before.

When the LOL takes off the glove of armor in Camelot, he bobbled the catch.......
Bottle dance was perfect! 6 or so photographers went up near the stage during the bows. He didn't really play with the ribbons much. Not all the regular gates are up at the stage door. She's going to try to get pics!

Facial expressions during Brave Sir Robin were terrific...right on......

Tons of people at the door....

Huge curtain call....... very loud.....curtain call went on for quite a while...standing ovation.

Sir Robin comes out for bow just before King.
I'm not sure who said this, but it was posted by Joy2talk2U:
Two NJU Canadians there for the first time.....loved it so much that they are coming back tomorrow..!!!!....

Clay is out......hoodie.......Jerome there..... So many people that she can hardly see him. OMG....much screaming....... down on his knee with a child posing for a picture.
From Clackhouse via Clayshines:
I think he stopped to take a picture of himself with a woman in a wheelchair. How great that he did that.
From Susan via Joy2Talk2U:
2nd row seat...... sat next to peasant. Peasant got handshake and pat on shoulder from Clay.

Bottle dance.......massive use of concentration. His performance was like he never left the show. Loved, loved, loved the new King. He was so funny.

Crowd was very very loud. It was amazing to be there.
Here is a really sweet story from tiggy52winkle:
I've been reading the reports and just got a call from Fab4Clayton. The young lady in the wheelchair that Clay bent down and took a picture with was one of our Baltimore Claymates!!! She is just overjoyed as you can imagine! He signed her playbill and then her Dad asked if he would take a picture with her and of course Clay obliged. Apparently he gave her a hug, too. Fab4Clayton thinks she got it on video! Luckily she also got her program signed. She said Clay looked wonderful and was very friendly to the crowd. Signed LOTS of autographs; she was way down by the end. He looked really happy tonight. Most of the other details about the show have been covered by others already so I won't repeat. I just can't tell you how Clay made that young woman's night tonight!
Here is hosaa's last phone message to another friend before she headed over to Sardi's:
Just got a call from Hosaa - said CLAY WAS GREAT!! Like he had never been away. Clay came out for a very short time to sign autographs, but she was about 5 deep behind the line. She said the TMZ photographer was right at the head of the line, and the paparazzi were out in full force, so let's hope we get some GOOD publicity out of this! Hair was short and flattened down like he had just got out of the shower. woo hoo!! LOL Said he looked VERY young. Big crowd - lots of people who had just come to see the show and got Clay as as added bonus. Said they were impressed with him. He was winking, etc. and was just wonderful. She was headed to Sardi's for the after-party. She couldn't hear very well, and there was lots of background noise so I'm not surprised. She said she had a wonderful time, and would try to write later but wasn't sure if she would be able to do so until tomorrow. She got one picture of him and one of the Lady of the Lake.


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