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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Beta Alpha "Cooking For Inclusion" Cookbook will Be Reordered If Enough Copies Are Requested

Did you order a Beta Alpha "Cooking For Inclusion" cookbook and now wish you had ordered one for your mom, sister, and best friend? Or did you just not get your order in by the deadline? Apparently there are quite a few others in your shoes right now, and requests have been made for more cookbooks.

Cindy, who along with Carol, put in lots of hard work to put these cookbooks together, has spoken with the publisher about the possibility of reordering, and here is the news she brings to us:
I have many requests for additional cookbooks. I spoke with the publisher, and I would need 200 orders to get a reprint.

I am keeping a waiting list, and if I think we approach that, I will reorder, so if you are interested in ordering and/or have shown it to people and they are interested in ordering, I need to know to track the additional requests. Please email me at We will also correct the few minor errors we came across when we do a reprint.
So, if you are interested in becoming your own version of Rachel Ray or Paula Deen via this wonderful cookbook (I've already checked out the recipes!!), send an email to Cindy and let her know how many you'd like to order. Remember, this is a fundraiser for The Bubel Aiken Foundation. Also, your Beta Alpha Group gets credit for $10 per cookbook if you let Cindy know the name of your group.

Here is some more information about the cookbooks:


We need 200 additional cookbooks to reorder
Price: $20.00 (includes shipping)
Cost Breakdown: $10.00 goes to TBAF
$6.25 covers printing expense
$3.75 covers shipping

The cookbook includes 461 recipes from the chapters, Faye Parker, Aron Hall, Kristy Barnes, Jerry Aiken and the rest of the TBAF board and staff. There is also a write-up about each chapter and what inclusion means to them. They make a great gift.

Each Beta Alpha chapter will get credit on their BAF scoreboard for the number of cookbooks ordered under their chapter. If you do not belong to a chapter, you can designate which chapter is to get your credit. To clarify, if you order 5 cookbooks and $50.00 goes to BAF, that $50 goes on your chapter scoreboard.


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