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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Let's Take a Fun Nostalgic Journey With Clay Via YouTube Videos

I thought while things have slowed down here in Claynation, it would be fun to take some time to enjoy a variety of YouTube videos over the next week or two. It will just be a hodge podge of interviews, tour performances and banter, talk shows, and whatever else I can find! We'll post two or three in each CDD article. Hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane.

Our first YouTube video is an interview from the early days of American Idol 2 with Jimmy Carter (not former President Carter!). This interview could be found at at the time Clay was interviewed.

You gotta love this next one. This is posted at YouTube by "ElvisCentral", and it is of Clay singing "Invisible" in Grand Prairie/Dallas, TX during the 2004 Independent Tour. This was my first Clay concert ever. Watch him work that stage as he dances from one end to the other throughout the whole song!

And our last one for the day, posted by chacha3078, is from Jimmy Kimmel Live. The most enthusiastic audience in the history of Jimmy's show had to have been there that day! How can we ever forget the time that Clay taught Jimmy Kimmel a lesson that Jimmy has never forgotten!! And the rest of the show is even funnier. Remember, "He hit me with his cane!!"? Or how about Clay talking about the food in Ireland that was "still walking around on the plate"!! One of the best talks show interviews with Clay ever!! Betcha you'll laugh just as hard as you did the first time you saw it!

Are you through laughing yet? Okay, I'll give you a little more time....(Jeopardy music playing in the background)...Do I have your attention now? Okay, then stay tune for 3 more video coming in the next day or two. I'll surprise you every day or two with some great memories!!


Anonymous said...

This is so great.
Please keep it up.
Looking forward to many more.

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