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Friday, July 11, 2008

Sun Sentinel - Celebrity Travel with Clay Aiken!

The Sun Sentinel features Clay in their feature on "Celebrity travel". Clay was interviewed about his UNICEF trip last year to Afghanistan:

As a UNICEF ambassador, Clay Aiken gets to travel the world. The singer says one of his favorite countries has also been one of the most unlikely: Afghanistan. (Eric Ogden/Tribune Media Service)

Clay Aiken is in the news a lot these days. Besides getting good reviews for his performance in the Broadway musical "Spamalot," the former " American Idol" contestant is busy promoting his latest album "On My Way Here."

But the congenial redhead is keeping mum about the juicy tidbit that has the tabloids drooling: becoming a baby daddy with his good friend Jaymes Foster, who also executive produced his CD. Aiken is more vocal about his love of music and traveling. "There are no plans to tour at this time," says Aiken, 29. "I'd love to tour but there's just no time right now with all the other things going on. I think I've had just one day off in the past few months. It's crazy, but in a good way." A former teacher, Aiken was appointed UNICEF ambassador in 2004. Between touring and making field visits for UNICEF, Aiken has seen a good chunk of the world. But he says he will never forget the beauty and grace of Afghanistan and its people.

WHY AFGHANISTAN: Honestly, I prefer to go to places where no one else goes that haven't been ruined by the touristy thing. I don't know if I would've ever gone to Afghanistan if it hadn't been for my work with UNICEF, but it has been one of my favorite places I've ever been in my life. I stayed eight days there in the central highlands of the country in an area that was relatively fortunate when it came to Taliban attacks. Bamyan is in the central part of the mountains and it is just such a beautiful area.

FAVORITE MEMORIES: I remember going to vacation bible school as a kid and reading about how people lived in biblical times with earthen huts and traveling on horses. I remembered that when I walked around Bamyan. You walk around town and all these huts have satellite dishes on top of them and everyone has cell phones, but a lot of people still sleep on their floors. It's a fascinating combination of new and old. The people there were so nice and welcoming.



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