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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tidbits 6/3

  • - Community Theatre - Year in Review -
    December 13: Well, Clay Aiken takes the stage tonight. It snowed a little bit today, and people are yelling at us for having the gall to not cancel the concert even though there is only 2 inches of powder on the ground. No wonder Canadians quietly mock us.
  • Washington Post - Taylor Hicks takes a lead from Clay Aiken and heads to Broadway - ""Idol" Taylor Hicks follows Clay Aiken to Broadway"
  • China Post - Clay Aiken performs for President Bush & the First Lady -
    Actor Hal Holbrook, country music singer Trisha Yearwood, former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken and other stars performed songs and spoken word pieces from the musical "The Civil War" at the National Theater, which hosted the event because the beneficiary theater is under renovation.
  • Washingtonian -
    The show itself was a concert preview of the musical The Civil War, which will be onstage at the reopened Ford’s next season. Hal Holbrook played Abraham Lincoln, Avery Brooks was Frederick Douglass, and Maya Angelou read the words of a slave woman declaring her humanity. Larry Gatlin, Trisha Yearwood, and Clay Aiken sang. But the showstoppers were gospel singers BeBe Wyans, Cheryl Freeman, and Patrick Lundy & the Ministers of Music.
  • - blog about Andy Abad, a former member of Clay's band -
    The rest of the music was co-written with Andy Abad over a three-year period, when he and I were home from the road. During this time, Andy was touring with Clay Aiken and Marc Anthony;
  • POP Magazine - Clay's OMWH is #3 at this South Korean entertainment website...
  • ... and Clay is also in a Spanish blog called Vos Elegis Musica.
  • Yahoo! Music - will David Archuleta become the next Clay Aiken?
    But I still care, of course. It's my job to care! So while I wait and see if David Archuleta will become the next Clay Aiken or will end up doing what most American Idol rejects pursue as a plan-B career these days (hosting TV shows ABOUT American Idol), I've dug up some videos by some former Idols who're trying to not be idle.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Carolina On My Mind - Clay performs at gala for President Bush -
    Clay Aiken Performs at Ford Gala

    While grandson Kai and I played and tuned into his favorite shows on the Noggin Network, singer Clay Aiken was among several entertainers who performed at the Ford's Theatre Gala in Washington, DC, Sunday.
  • Anew and Afresh - Clay honoured for his role in Spamalot -
    Every year, coinciding with the Tony Awards, which honor the theater, Broadway.Com hosts the Audience Awards, giving the theater-going public a chance to cast their votes for their favorite plays, musicals, and the performers who bring those to life. This year Clay Aiken was nominated for the Favorite Replacement (Male) Award, for the actor taking over a role from another actor, and he won! He'll receive his award at a reception June 3, along with his co-star Hannah Waddington who also picked up an award for her role as Lady of the Lake in SPAMalot and the entire cast who was named Favorite Long-Running Broadway Show.
  • Clay - The Man - Clay Always Amazes


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