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Monday, June 16, 2008

Korean Magazine Interviews Clay

A Korean magazine, The Dosirak Web Magazine, has interviewed Clay. Bloomingclay at The Clayboard, has tanslated the interview into English for us. Many thanks to her for doing that! Here is what she posts for us:

Dosirak is legal music download site in Korea and each week they publish the webzine(web magazine) which have artist interview every week.
It seems that the interview was done as similar time period as the Singapore magazine interview was taken.Anyway,I translated the interview.As it was translated English->Korean first and I translated the Korean article into English, it is NOT exactly what Clay said.


Here is the link(just click 'No' if pop up asks about installing the program.Ignore!) It talks about his journey before/during/after Idol and interview and then review which was attached to licensed CD here(I will translate them later).I only tranlated the interview part.
dosirak: Congratulations on your new album.You must have been busy with working on your album.Tell us what you have been doing recently.
Clay Aiken: We just finished the musical on Broadway recently and we are now spending our time mainly on promoting the new album with TV appearances and interviews.
dosirak: Your new album debuted at No.4 at Billboard chart.Congratulations.You must have a special feeling when you have a success with your every album.How do you feel?
Clay Aiken: Who would not be glad about it? I feel already previledged to be able to keep doing the music and I'm so happy that people keep support me.
dosirak: When I listen to the lyrics of your single 'On My Way Here', it seems like it is about your story last a few years. What does the song mean to you?
Clay Aiken: We are educated at school but that is just a small part.We rather learn more from the experience in our lives. There is a saying 'If you give someone a fish,you're just giving him a meal for a day but if you teach him how to fish,you are giving him meals for rest of his life.' Every person you meet and every experience we go through in your life makes you who you are. This song is about learning from experience and becoming a wiser person.
dosirak: Let's talk more about your album.Is there a favorite song on this album?
Clay Aiken: I love most of the songs so it's hard to pick, but if I have to choose one, I want to choose 'As long as we're here'. This is the first song that made it for this album. Three years ago when tsunami hit Indonesia, I went there for the Unicef trip,the song was recorded after that. It talks about 'Do not worry about small things and let's just care about important things and people you love as there is limited time for us in the world'.
dosirak: We heard that before the release of the album, everytime Claymates have parties.Did your fans hold the party this time?And what your fans mean to Clay?
Clay Aiken: Claymates hold parties to celebrate the album release,not for me.Also,parties are held in various cities so I couldn't go there.I heard that many fans gather and have a great time. Of course,they mean a lot to me.Had it not been fans' support since American Idol,I would have not been here.
dosirak: You're working as Unicef goodwill ambassador.Is there the most memorable moment as a Unicef ambassador?
Clay Aiken: There are many.One of them is that when I went to Indonesia, people quickly restored their environments and had postivie attitudes despite dire situation.It was really touching.They are strong and brave people.It gave me an opportunity to reflect myself.I thought how blessed we are for being able to live day by day safely.
Also,the most impressive one is when I visited Afganistan.It was shocking to see people living without all the energy facilities for a long time and above all I felt really sad when I saw children suffering.However,they showed the power not to give up despite their situation.
dosirak: Along with Unicef,you also established the Bubel/Aiken Foundation.What is your plan for the foundation this year?
Clay Aiken: We try to make programs for children with disabilities to get along with children without disabilities so that they can experience the childhood that children without disabilities go through. This year,we plan to start summer camps and prepare a fund for future summer camps.
dosirak: What do you think of 2008 American Idol? Is there a contestant that can be as successful as you are?
Clay Aiken: Unfortunately,I haven't watched American Idol for three years,so I don't know anything about contestants.
dosirak: I guess you will tour after the album release,is there a plan?Plus,is there any plan to visit Korea.
Clay Aiken: Personally, Korea is the country which I really want to visit.However,right now,there is no plan for the tour.We don't have a plan even for the US.I think that if I promote the album now,people will get interested and then other countries will get interested in me.So right now we try to concentrate on promoting the album.
dosirak: Last request,please say hi to your fans in Korea
Clay Aiken: It's always amazing and thankful that people listen to my song far away in Korea.Thank you so much to fans for likiing the music I like and
for continuing to support me since American Idol. But it's only a small part of me that was shown on American Idol. I want to show other parts of me more when I visit Korea.Until then,please keep listening to my music. Oh! Please spread words about me!


Chardonnay said...

Thanks for bringing this here. This and all of them. Great job and thank you!

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