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Saturday, May 03, 2008

On My Way Here Digest: May 3, 2008

  • Wal-Mart has shipped most pre-orders of OMWH. For those of you who pre-ordered from Wal-Mart, they should be arriving in your mailboxes or doorsteps on or shortly after the Tuesday release date.
  • This OMWH television ad is airing on the Lifetime Movie Network:

  • People Magazine reviewed OMWH and gave it 2/4. More of the same-old recycled garbage we are now used to. A poster on the CB pointed out that People also gave Josh Groban and Leona Lewis similar gradings, while Ashlee Simpson earned a 3 1/2 stars. What gives?
    "One can't help but see a little of Clay Aiken in David Archuleta, the 17 year-old frontrunner of American Idol this season. Let's hope that Archuleta does a better job of finding his recording niche than Aiken has. On his fourth effort, the Claymeister continues to pour on the kind of schmaltz that may work on Idol but sounds hopelessly unhip on CD. Still, he's better off doing vanilla ballads than trying to bring a rock edge to "Ashes." Chris Daughtry he's not.
    DOWNLOAD THIS: "Something About Us." a lush, jazz-kissed ballad"


Anonymous said...

I love Clay as all his fans do, If nothing else he has loyal fans. You will live to eat your words about Clay. I just ordered four CD's so thank you very much.

clay47 said...

I have all of Clay's CDs including singles. I have no Daughtry CDs.

Anonymous said...

I surely don't want Clay to sound like Chris Daughtry. He's ok, but I don't like angsty growling "singing." I like smooth voices, on pitch, singing songs that have meaning and gentleness. You can have Daughtry, I'll take Clay any day!

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