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Monday, May 12, 2008

Clay Laughs With Jay and Jack Black, Sings On My Way Here on Tonight Show

As the beginning of this article is being written, it is still about 15 minutes until The Tonight Show comes on. The following report from The Aiken Breakin' Broads site has me even more excited to see the show:

The early reports all seem to say that Clay looked fantastic on Leno -
great clothes and great hair. His segment is the last one. He does a little bit of his Spamalot accent, jokes around with Jack Black (the other guest), and sings perfectly!!
But what can we expect? Clay always looks fantastic and jokes around (can't wait to see him joking with Jack Black!). And sing???? Well, yeah!!!

Stay tuned for more details in about an hour!!


Well, Clay appeared on The Tonight Show with at least his 5th hairstyle since he first went on 5 years ago. They laughed about this and Clay says he changes his hair about every 30 minutes. He told Jay that when it was darker it made him feel older. Jay said, "So how old are you now, about 40 or 43?"

Jack Black and Jay were both asking him questions at the same time. I get a kick out of Clay saying, "Whose doing the interview?" and look back and forth at both of them. Funny.

Clay did his British accent from Spamalot for Jay. He said he goes right into it when he arrives at the theater. I can imagine him doing that too! Then Jay asked him something about superstitutions and he told Jay about the time he said something about MacBeth when he was sitting with several of the cast, and they all gasped and said you were not suppose to say MacBeth in the theater. My teenage son who does theater at school agreed that this is true. Guess I'll make sure not to say "MacBeth" next time I'm at the movies!

Jay asked Clay if he had ever done theater before. Clay said he had been cut from the high school play his senior year but he didn't hold a grudge...even though he would like to announce that teachers address...and phone #...and name...on tv! But no grudge!! Then he gave the teacher the raspberries!! Pretty funny stuff!!

Clay and Jack Black were both funny laughing it up. I knew they would be. And they both sat with their foot under their other leg...a sign of being comfortable in their surroundings. Clay and Jack were still talking as they went to a commercial. Would love to know what they were talking about!

Clay sang On My Way Here beautifully. Quiana, Angela, and Sean were there. I guess Clay stole Sean from Broadway for a little while!

It was a great interview and a great performance. If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet, be sure to run to Clack Unlimited and download the show!

Thanks to Gerwhisp from The Clayboard for the screencaps.


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